Friday, February 25, 2011

The Rooster is done

Actually, it has been done for a while but I have been busy with other things. The painting hasn't been scanned yet. Once it is scanned, the lines won't be bowed. The next two paintings will be miniatures for the two miniature shows coming up. They are the Seaside show and the Parklane Gallery show. They will both be on-line. I really like that because you can see the complete show and you can see what sells.
It might snow here tomorrow. That is really rare. I have covered my Pony tail palm and we will cover other plants tomorrow. We have alot of tropical plants. If it snows, you can be sure that I will be out in it with my American Eskimo Frosty. He has his winter coat (very thick) and I am excited to see what he does.

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