Sunday, November 21, 2010

WIP Orchids

I painted a little on this yesterday. I love painting when it is raining outside. So far, I like it. I just wish that I could paint every day. I started with the flowers because I needed the background blank in case I needed to add more flowers. Sometimes I will put the background in first. I thought it best to wait with this one. The sketch was changed a bit. The yellows are various yellows from my paintbox....Cad Yellow medium, Yellow light, Indian Yellow, and Gamboge. I also used a light wash of Yellow Ocher in some spots. The pink tones were painted with various mixtures of Winsor & Newton Opera Rose and Daniel Smith Quinacridone Rose. I added some blue tones in some areas. The shadows are the rose mixtures mixed with a little green (Hookers green). The yellow tones were toned down with a violet that I mixed. The orchids are now a different color. They seem to take on a new look every other day. These are the colors that they started out with. I won't be painting more until after Thanksgiving. Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving. The picture is crooked but you can see what I did on the painting. Thank you for looking.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Starting To Paint The Orchids

It's already November 14th and I don't know where the time went. I have started painting the orchid painting. More will be done on it next week. The pinks are Opera Rose mixed with Quin Rose. The shadows are the pinks grayed down with green from my pallet. The yellows are Gamboge, Winsor lemon, Cad Yellow Med., and Indian yellow mixed together in various mixtures. I also used a light wash of Yellow ochre in some of the petals. There is also some white Prismacolor pencil in some areas. The size is 15x21. It will be matted in a 22x28 mat when it is finished. The paper is really white and I am not sure why it looks gray.