Monday, September 20, 2010

Miniatures Finished And Framed

Here are the two miniatures that I previously showed you. I added quite a bit of leaves to the trees and shadows to the ground and put in alot of dots for the leaves. I personally don't like to go farther than that with the detail. I like to paint with a "painterly" flair instead of photo realistic. The frames are 4"x5". The covered bridge is the Larkin Bridge in Chelsea, VT. I painted it from a photo that I took while visiting New England. It was built in 1902 and is in good condition. There were flowers hung on both sides of the entrance. The other painting that I titled "Road To Grampa's House" is from a photo that I took on a rainy day in Vermont. I changed the colors and the mood a bit. They will both be sent to the MASF miniature show along with the new kaleidoscope. I hope to work on it tomorrow or day after tomorrow. I have been gone so haven't had the chance. I can't seem to make the Larkin Bridge image smaller.

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