Sunday, November 21, 2010

WIP Orchids

I painted a little on this yesterday. I love painting when it is raining outside. So far, I like it. I just wish that I could paint every day. I started with the flowers because I needed the background blank in case I needed to add more flowers. Sometimes I will put the background in first. I thought it best to wait with this one. The sketch was changed a bit. The yellows are various yellows from my paintbox....Cad Yellow medium, Yellow light, Indian Yellow, and Gamboge. I also used a light wash of Yellow Ocher in some spots. The pink tones were painted with various mixtures of Winsor & Newton Opera Rose and Daniel Smith Quinacridone Rose. I added some blue tones in some areas. The shadows are the rose mixtures mixed with a little green (Hookers green). The yellow tones were toned down with a violet that I mixed. The orchids are now a different color. They seem to take on a new look every other day. These are the colors that they started out with. I won't be painting more until after Thanksgiving. Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving. The picture is crooked but you can see what I did on the painting. Thank you for looking.

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